An innovative modular concept

Maximising your return on commercial property...


Modular Conversion Concept

  • From commercial to residential

    Maximise your return on investment and increase your rental incomes or resale value by converting your commercial property to residential use.

  • Fixed build costs

    Fixed build costs through fixed programme, tried and tested living space designs and experienced site managers

  • Choice

    Choose from pre-defined sizes and specification levels - from good value to premium quality

  • Value

    Economies of scale through bulk ordering of furnishings with our experienced buyers and supply chain

Simple Choices

Specification A


  • Central Heating
  • Basic Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Carpets
  • Simple Lighting

Specification B


  • Central Heating
  • Luxury Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Carpets
  • Mid-range Lighting
  • Air Conditioning

Specification C


  • Advanced Central Heating
  • Luxury Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Designer Floor Coverings
  • LED & Luxury Lighting
  • Air Conditioning
  • BMS System

Everything you need...

If you are involved in property development and are looking for joint venture or partnership working opportunities with an experienced development company, we would love to talk to you.

Whether you have investment opportunities and are looking for staged funding or you have the funding and are looking for investment opportunities with a good return on investment, we offer a complete client support service.

  • Architects & Planning

  • Interior Design

  • Financial & Tax Information

  • Building Regulations

  • Project Management

  • Legal Advice