About Us

Since its early foundations, Boundstone has developed and formed to become a rock solid structure.

Conceived in the Surrey Hills area - its design by pooling talented material and forming it under suitable pressure has enabled us to build an environment that is as durable as the earth itself. 

Boundstone, utilised in the purpose that it was created for it will transform your surroundings for generations to come.

[Boundstone’s subsidiary elements and formation is made up of bafflestone, bindstone, and framestone*.]

But now we want to bring you to a Milestone- No 1…the first of many Milestones in your journey.

You have the thought and have captured it, you need the assistance of a hugely experienced Team. Share your vision with Boundstone and engage our Team. Let us begin the journey- stay with us, we will unravel the baffle and…

*A dictionary of earth sciences|1999|  


Bringing all the resources and the latest expertise together, Boundstone undertake to form and bind your ideas into a structured plan. A series of further milestone meetings will follow to enlarge your vision into a desired outcome. This will enable Boundstone to…


Along with meeting your environmental expectations, Boundstone will create for you a structure that exploits natures abundant resources and impacts comfortably with its surroundings. In forming a framework of this nature, we will require your input in a series of walkthrough milestone meetings in order to…


Your surroundings , elevate your comfort, harmonise and beautify, another enjoyable experience, until progress requires a change. Another Milestone another sunrise.